Vacant committee positions

At the AGM last night we received no nominations for 3 essential committee posts. It is very important these are filled as soon as possible in order to maintain the future viability of the society. Descriptions of the posts are available in the committee contacts links page at but they are not that onerous in regard to time requirements; there is ample opportunity for the post holder to make of it what they will, based on personal skills or ideas on how to make improvements.

The vacant positions are:

  • Events Organiser
  • Membership Secretary
  • Articles Editor

As our coordinator emailed to all members: “It is not practical for the remaining committee members to take on those roles as well and we cannot effectively run the society without them.  If we do not fill them soon, we may not have a society for very much longer.
The roles are not especially demanding and we may well be able to adapt the roles to suit.
Please help us out here and offer help where possible and as soon as possible.

If you can possibly help, please email as soon as possible.