A Note From Down Under

Our Coordinator, Peter Cadogan, is currently holidaying in Australia, and has now arrived near Cairns for the eclipse.

Peter writes:

It is all a bit iffy for Wednesday, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. There are lots of eclipse chasers here and one astronomer helped me to find my way about the Southern skies last night This is not easy at this time of the year, as the Milky Way is on the horizon and most northern constellations are a bit nondescript as well as being upside down.  But 57 Tucana was magnificent – much brighter  than m13.
This was the view on Monday morning from our beach at 6 am, so the sun is well up. But it’s raining at the moment
Sunrise in Australia – Peter Cadogan

November/December Mercury

The November/December 2012 issue of Mercury is now available to download from the Members|Downloads area.

Contents include

  • Coordinator’s Report
  • Dates For Your Diary
  • Astroimaging workshop
  • It was a nightmare!
  • North Glos Observing Evenings
  • Essentials of Image Processing
  • Looking back Millennium
  • Society Dinner announcement
  • Events schedule

November Monthly Meeting – Cyclic Model

Cosmic Background – WMAP – 2010

At our November meeting John Yates will be talking about the “Cyclic Model” of cosmology. This is an alternative cosmology to the commonly assumed “Inflationary Model”, but does provide an interesting alternative to conventional wisdom.

We will have a some telescopes along should it be clear after the break, and if any members have pictures they would like to show please bring them along.

October Monthly Meeting – Cosmic Rays

At the monthly meeting this Saturday, Dr Helen Heath, from Bristol University will be talking to us about Cosmic Rays. These are not some metaphysical health remedy, but extremely energetic particles from the depths of space, so it will certainly be a meeting not to be missed.
The forecast for Saturday evening is a bit uncertain at the moment, but telescopes will be available just in case.

Telescope clinic a hit

New Website

Today (October 1st) the new website has gone live.
Most of the content is the same as the old site, but we will have new content and features coming soon.
If you find any problems, or have any comments or suggestions please email webman@cotswoldas.org.uk or leave a comment on this posting.

Eddies Observing Tips

At our last meeting, Eddie Carpenter presented some observing tips.

Many members asked if these could be written up and put on the website, so here they are.

I have added my own recollections and interpretations on Eddie’s suggestions – Callum.

1. Black cloth over head and eyepiece

A black cloth over your head and eyepiece will help block out any extraneous light, and help you ‘focus’ on the object you are observing.

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September / October Mercury

The September/October 2012 issue of Mercury is now available to download from the Members|Downloads area.

Contents include:

  • Coordinator’s Report
  • Observing evenings
  • Dates For Your Diary
  • Telescope cinic
  • Astroimaging workshop
  • Looking back