Cheltenham Science Festival 2014

IMG_0101The society had two evening observing events and a daytime event planned for the whole of the Saturday “Fun Day”.

Friday evening though looking promising proved to have no clear skies at all, and the Saturday forecast was not good. Many were awoken by the sound of thunder in the early morning, and torrential rain looked like it would spoil the day completely.

But, it dried out, and clear skies appeared allowing some viewing of the Sun through the h-alpha telescopes.

Later, a nice evening looked like a good evening observing session might be had. The BBC Sky At Night team announced the stargazing session during their early evening talk, and later Chris Lintott and Pete Lawrence joined the many observers of the Moon and Mars, and a bright pass of the International Space Station.

Here is a gallery of a few pictures taken on the Saturday (June 7th).

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  1. They were great, we were invited into the tent for a chat before their talk and they stayed for quite a while with us stargazing after. Dallas Campbell, George McGavin and Greg Foot also showed up to have a look 🙂

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