September Meeting and Latest Mercury

Roger Pickard
Roger Pickard

At our September meeting, BAA Variable Star Section director Roger Pickard will be giving a talk “Making Astronomical Observations”.

The latest edition of Mercury is also available to download from the Members | Downloads page. (password required)

MercurySeptemberOctober2013_coverThis months issue includes:

  • Coordinator’s Report
  • Dates For Your Diary
  • 2013 Perseid meteor shower
  • Bright Nova in Dephinus
  • Society awards winners
  • Two views of the Sun
  • For Sale

This Months Meeting – 10th August

Our next meeting is on Saturday 10th August, is a members’ night at which the programme planned is:

1. John Hope – “Path of Sun – 23.4 degrees and all that”

2. Ian Gray – “Apochromatic Refractors”

3. Eddie Carpenter – “Collecting Astronomical Memorabilia”

Break for tea/ coffee and biscuits

4. Peter Cadogan – “VERY recent meteor impacts in the solar system”

5. Callum Potter – “Learning how to set up and use the society’s Celestron C8 loan CST”

Although the ‘holiday season’ the Members’ Night is always entertaining and instructive, so hope many will be able to attend.

Ten Targets for Light Polluted Astronomers

NGC 7331 by Rik McRae

Members enjoyed Bob Mizon’s talk last month – ten targets for light polluted astronomers. In case you did not manage to remember them all – these are the ten targets:

  1. Cluster NGC 752  And
  2. Double star Gamma And
  3. Chain of stars Kemble’s Cascade (Cam)
  4. Double star h3945 CMa
  5. Red star Y CVn
  6. Cluster NGC 457  Cas
  7. Variables R and T CBr
  8. ‘Fast-moving’ double star Sigma 2398 Dra
  9. Cluster Stock 4 Per
  10. Galaxy NGC 7331  Peg

March Meeting – Gary Poyner – “Variable Stars – How and why they vary”

Gary Poyner – observing from Birmingham

At the meeting this Saturday 9th March, Gary Poyner will be speaking to us about Variable Stars, what they are and why they vary.

This is a fascinating subject and one that amateurs can easily get involved with. So after the tea break, Ian Davies and Ian Sibley are going to present some ideas for a variable star project that we can all get stuck in to.

November Monthly Meeting – Cyclic Model

Cosmic Background – WMAP – 2010

At our November meeting John Yates will be talking about the “Cyclic Model” of cosmology. This is an alternative cosmology to the commonly assumed “Inflationary Model”, but does provide an interesting alternative to conventional wisdom.

We will have a some telescopes along should it be clear after the break, and if any members have pictures they would like to show please bring them along.

October Monthly Meeting – Cosmic Rays

At the monthly meeting this Saturday, Dr Helen Heath, from Bristol University will be talking to us about Cosmic Rays. These are not some metaphysical health remedy, but extremely energetic particles from the depths of space, so it will certainly be a meeting not to be missed.
The forecast for Saturday evening is a bit uncertain at the moment, but telescopes will be available just in case.

Telescope clinic a hit

September Meeting

At our September 8th meeting Dr Ian Kenyon of Birmingham University will be telling us all about the “Latest results from the Large Hadron Collider”.

Meeting starts at 7.45 pm. at Shurdington Social Centre.