Meetings 2013

We hold a monthly meeting on the second Saturday of every month at Shurdington Social Centre, Cheltenham, at 7:45pm. For directions on how to get there please click here.

Meetings normally start with a speaker on some subject of astronomical interest, then a break for tea or coffee and a chat, and then a further session which often includes members observational results, what’s up in the sky, or constellation lore. Unless it is clear, in which case we would go out to do some observing.

Programme for 2013

12 January – Mark Gibbons (Cotswold AS) – “Neptune and beyond”
9 February – Callum Potter (Cotswold AS) – “Deep Sky Observing”
2 March – The Cotswold Astronomical Society is hosting the 2013 BAA Deep Sky Section Annual Meeting
9 March – Gary Poyner – “Variable Stars – How and why they vary”
13 April – Annual General Meeting
11 May – Malcolm Mitchell (CAS) – Some Light Thoughts on Dark Matter
8 June – Prof Matt Griffin – Cardiff University – “The European Space Agency’s Space Science Programme”.
6 July – Bob Mizon – “Ten Targets for Light Polluted Astronomers” – NB change of date – this is a week earlier than our ‘normal’ monthly slot.
10 August – Members’ Night
14 September – Roger Pickard (BAA) – “Making Astronomical Observations”
12 October –  Prof. Michael Merrifield – Nottingham University – “The European Extremely Large Telescope”.
9 November – Derek Locke (CAS) – Going Into Orbits
14 December –  Christmas Meeting