Meetings 2020

COVID-19 – due to the Coronavirus we are not able to currently hold our regular monthly meetings in person at our normal venue.
However we have updated our programme to be able to hold these using Zoom video conferencing. 
Members are notified by email with the details on how to join each virtual meeting. These meetings are scheduled following our normal routine,  the second Saturday of every month at 7:45pm. 

When meetings return to ‘normal’ this will be noted here.

Programme for 2020

11 January – Mark Gibbons – Asteroids, Vermin of the Skies?

8 February – Neil Havard – The Death of a Famous Star 

14 March – Professor Chris Lintott, FRAS – ‘Weird Worlds’ – about exoplanets and what they tell us about our solar system – Cancelled

11 April – Mark Gibbons – Fast Radio Bursts (Zoom video conference)

9 May – Neil Havard – Globular Clusters (Zoom video conference)

13 June – James Fradgley: – “Black Holes” and if time permits, “The 21cm Line” (Zoom video conference)

11 July – Chris Lintott: “The Crowd and the Cosmos: Adventures in the Zooniverse” (Zoom video conference)

8 August – Members Night (Zoom video conference)

12 September – Pete Williamson: “Whirlpools in Space – The Birr Telescope (Earl of Rosse)” (Zoom video conference)

Note: currently it is not clear if meetings for the rest of the year will be in-person or virtual.

10 October – Norman Pomfret –   An Introduction  to Radio Astronomy

14 November – Jana Horak – An Introduction to Meteorites (plus a collection to display)

12 December – Christmas Meeting