Experiences of starting astronomy

by Denise Powell


Firstly, I am no Astronomer, just someone who has always been fascinated with the Moon and Stars having grown up watching the Apollo launches and have been intrigued ever since.

Being fortunate enough to have a second home in Normandy, in a small hamlet where we have no light pollution, we have spent many an evening sat outside with a fire just looking at the stars and contemplating life.

A couple of Christmas’s ago my husband surprised me with a Sky-Watcher telescope. Now, as keen as I was and as idiot proof as it apparently was, between us we just couldn’t fathom getting started properly.

Eventually, early in 2022 we went along to Cotswold Astronomical Society on a cold Sunday evening workshop. Everyone was so welcoming and after a couple of sessions and expert advice we were able to get it aligned properly. I am now actually capable of collimating the scope pretty much by myself 🙂

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