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    At last night’s monthly meeting Peter Cadogan requested suggestions for topics to be discussed during the second half of monthly meetings. Please add your suggestions here to get us started. A few suggestions from last night are:

    Galaxy Zoo ( – a website where anyone can help classify galaxy shapes and features. I have personally found this fascinating to take part in and would be interested to know if others have done so and what their opinion on it is, from an amateur astronomer point of view.

    Space exploration: Discuss the pros and cons of exploration using manned and robotic means.

    Websites that members have found particularly useful or interesting – maybe we can develop a ‘sticky’ posting on this forum where all website links can be placed for ease of future reference.




    Thanks Dave for starting this off. The idea is that we will try to have 3 separate strands. We won’t necessarily
    1. Short demonstration of an astronomy web site that a member would like to demonstrate live at the meeting, now that we have WiFi in the hall. At the June Meeting, Dave has offered to talk about the latest version of Galaxy Zoo. If you would like to demonstrate a good web site, then please volunteer to do so on this forum.
    2. A debate about some sort of controversial subject on which a vote of members can be taken. The suggestion for the June meeting was made by Mike Munden: Should the further exploration of the solar system be undertaken solely by robots, or should manned missions be considered.
    3. Some sort of practical demonstration, such as Callum recently gave of the society C8 telescope. Tom suggested having a demonstration of polar alignment. Would a member like to take this on for the June meeting.

    We will try to do this every month, unless we decide that we can do some observing outside (not likely in the summer months), so please use this forum to make suggestions and give some thought prior to the meetong

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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