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    Tony Ireland reports that there will be a number of Jupiter satellite mutual events visible over the next couple of months which are mentioned in a recent Sky @ Night Magazine.

    Tony writes:


    There are some interesting conjunctions of Jupiter’s moons in the last week of October. In fact they will be so close that there will be occasions when one moon will occult another ! And others when the shadow of one moon will fall upon another. You will need a good scope and the highest magnification to see this.

    In November the fun continues

    2nd November Callisto occults Io at around 6 am
    16 th November Io occults Europa at 5.08 am
    19th November Callisto occults Ganymede at 03.05 (ouch !)
    25th November Ganymede eclipses Callisto between 02.29 and 03.17 – a tough one this !

    Another event to look out for is 4 November when (again) the Moon passes just above Uranus at around 17.00 UT.
    Thanks, Callum

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