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    I was thinking of getting a pair of binoculars for quick viewing if I have a spare 5 mins instead of enough time to get my telescope out. Are there particular makes of binoculars which would give me a decent view of Jupiter and a close view of the moon?
    I don’t want to be spending a lot but at least enough to get this kind of viewing. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!!


    Christine Beale


    I use a pair of Celestron Skymaster 15×70 binoculars. You can use them on their own for a while but they can get heavy so I also use a camera tripod to keep them steady. They come with a bracket. You can see Jupiter with them and it’s moons, but you cannot see the bands around Jupiter as you can with a telescope. I find the moon is too bright to look at through them, but that might just be me! They are good for viewing star clusters and orion nebula and have even found Andromeda Galaxy with them – very fuzzy grey blob from a very dark site.
    I can bring them to the next meeting if you want to have a look.
    The were a present but I think they cost about £60.


    Ian Sibley


    I use a pair of Opticron 10×50 binoculars for quick views. They also serve for use when bird watching and are light enough for use without tripod.

    For quick views with a tripod I use either my wifes 80mm birding scope which gives a mag of between 20x and 60x using a zoom eyepiece or my Megrez72 and the Hyperion zoom eyepiece which gives a mag of 18x to 60x. Either telescope is used on a fluid head movie tripod.

    On an equatorial mount I have taken many images with the Megrez72 that have appeared in Mercury and have been shown at club nights so it has realy been a good purchase at £375.

    I can bring the kit to the next club night if it is of use.



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