Meetings 2018

We hold a monthly meeting on the second Saturday of every month at Shurdington Social Centre, Cheltenham, at 7:45pm. For directions on how to get there please click here.

Meetings normally start with a speaker on some subject of astronomical interest, then a break for tea or coffee and a chat, and then a further session which often includes members observational results, what’s up in the sky, or constellation lore. Unless it is clear, in which case we would go out to do some observing.

Programme for 2018

13 January - Mark Gibbons - Mayan Astronomy

10 February - Michael McEllin - Radio Telescopes: How do they work? What can they do?

10 March - TBD

14 April - Annual General Meeting

12 May - Dr Megan Argo - Going over galaxies with a fine tooth comb

9 June - TBD

14 July - TBD

11 August - Members Night

8 September - TBD

13 October - Stephen Tonkin - Planet X, Zetans, and Lost Civilisations

10 November - TBD

8 December - Christmas Meeting