Meetings 2018

We hold a monthly meeting on the second Saturday of every month at Shurdington Social Centre, Cheltenham, at 7:45pm. For directions on how to get there please click here.

Meetings normally start with a speaker on some subject of astronomical interest, then a break for tea or coffee and a chat, and then a further session which often includes members observational results, what’s up in the sky, or constellation lore. Unless it is clear, in which case we would go out to do some observing.

Programme for 2018

13 January - TBD

10 February - TBD

10 March - TBD

14 April - TBD

12 May - Dr Megan Argo - Going over galaxies with a fine tooth comb

Radio astronomy has been transformed over the last fifty years, from an era of large single dishes, able to map the sky only at resolutions of degrees, to arrays of telescopes working together to create images with milliarcsecond resolution (1000th of 1/3600 of a degree). Until a few years ago, this spectacular feat was only possible for very small patches of sky, making it a useful but very inefficient way of exploring the universe. But new techniques, developed over the last few years, are now allowing us to map areas the size of the full Moon at this outstanding resolution. This powerful new capability is opening up new areas of research and enabling us to carry out large-scale studies which were impossible in the past. I will illustrate this new technique and show how we are using it to study the nearest galaxies at spectacularly high resolution.

9 June - TBD

14 July - TBD

11 August - TBD

8 September - TBD

13 October - TBD

10 November - TBD

8 December - TBD