This Months Meeting – 10th August

Our next meeting is on Saturday 10th August, is a members’ night at which the programme planned is:

1. John Hope – “Path of Sun – 23.4 degrees and all that”

2. Ian Gray – “Apochromatic Refractors”

3. Eddie Carpenter – “Collecting Astronomical Memorabilia”

Break for tea/ coffee and biscuits

4. Peter Cadogan – “VERY recent meteor impacts in the solar system”

5. Callum Potter – “Learning how to set up and use the society’s Celestron C8 loan CST”

Although the ‘holiday season’ the Members’ Night is always entertaining and instructive, so hope many will be able to attend.

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  1. Re–the first talk.
    Good book on this subject and also the paths of the other planets is

    ” Paths of the Planets ” by Tricker

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