Splendid Noctilucent Cloud Display Seen From Gloucestershire

Last night (or this morning to be precise) a splendid display of noctilucent clouds was observed from Gloucestershire.

Cotswold AS member James Weightman captured this image from Cirencester. The bright star visible is Capella.

Noctilucent clouds on 2013 June 3 (pre-dawn)
Noctilucent clouds on 2013 June 3 (pre-dawn)

Lat 51.7N Long 1.9W
Time: 2013/06/03 2:00UT
Az 14 Alt 9 (by ref to Capella at this time)
Photo Canon EOS 7D + 85mm lens @ f/1.2; 0.3secs ISO 640; 2 adjacent photos merged using Photoshop.