Deep Sky Imaging Workshop

The mandatory group photo

We held a Deep Sky Imaging Workshop on November 3rd – magnificently led by Rik McRae. This was a ‘soup-to-nuts’ session on equipment, software, image capture and image processing. The only thing lacking was time! Though by the end of the day, brain overload was starting to be a problem.

Imaging workshop classroom
Rik explains about his imaging telescope setup

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  1. Having just joined CAS this was my first opportunity to attend any function and I have to say it was a great way to spend my birthday! As a newcomer to both the club and astronomy I found it very rewarding and have to extend my grateful thanks to Rik for his patience and professionalism in presenting such an interesting course. The day seemed to fly by and I am very pleased I attended. I look forward to more events within the club starting with the usual meeting this Saturday. Well done, Rik.

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