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Stargazing Live 2015

20 March – partial solar eclipse viewing sessions in various locations, including Naunton Park, Cheltenham and Imperial Gardens, Cheltenham. Eclipse commences 08:30 GMT, maximum eclipse (85%) at around 9:30 and finish around 10:30

23 March – Viewing evening at Nature in Art

27 March – A presentation of “The Planets” accompanying the suite by Holst. Observing afterwards. At Shurdington Social Centre.

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Mutual Phenomena of Jupiter

Jupiter on 2014 December 24 by Ian Sibley

Jupiter on 2014 December 24 by Ian Sibley

During 2015, the Jupiter system will be edge-on to the Earth and Sun, which allows observers to see fascinating phenomena of the Galilean moons. First, this alignment allows the moons and the shadows to transit across the Equatorial Zone so that observers have the greatest chance of seeing one or more of them on the disk. Second, it allows the moons to eclipse and occult one another in so-called ‘mutual phenomena’. These events can be followed even with modest telescopes, especially mutual eclipses where one can see the rapid dimming of the eclipsed moon even if it cannot be resolved. Larger telescopes do allow the moons to be resolved, and should allow some impressive images and even videos to be obtained.
John Rogers, BAA

Tony Ireland has prepared a listing of mutual events to look out for.
You can download the PDF here.

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